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We appreciate your interest in simultaneously planning and executing the business models that will deliver your vision and drive value in your company. We feel that the Value Framework® is a revolutionary tool that empowers your company to be nimble, to think creatively, and to modify its business models based on ever-changing marketing conditions and business environments.

Incorporating Value Framework® methodologies into your business is a simple process requiring an initial implementation period followed by four quarterly "refresher" sessions to insure you are maximizing the benefits of the framework in your business. We guarantee that you will find both holes in your existing business models that need to be plugged and new business models that might be the drivers of your business down the road. Our suggested implementation schedule for a small to medium enterprise, performed by a certified Value Framework® Institute trainer is (contact us for an implementation schedule for larger enterprises):

  • Kickoff (3-days): Stakeholder introduction, management training, Value Framework® implementation
  • End of 90 days (2-Days): Analysis of Value Framework®, management feedback, Q2 recommendations
  • End of 180 days (1-Day): Management and employee feedback, Q3 recommendations
  • End of 270 days (1-Day): Management and employee feedback, Q4 recommendations
  • End of 365 days (2-Days): Management and employee feedback, recommendations for annual strategy and planning processes.

At the end of the first year, organizations are encouraged to participate in the Value Framework® Continual Improvement Program, an ongoing educational process designed to provide organizations with the latest updates in Value Framework® methodologies, templates and training material. The Continual Improvement Program includes current workbooks, templates, and 1-day of on-site support by a certified Value Framework® Institute implementer. Continual Improvement Program fees are based on organizational size. Contact us to determine the fee structure associated with your company..

Have us help your company choose the business models you should deploy today and tomorrow. Contact the Value Framework® Institute today by sending e-mail or calling us at 408-257-3000.



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