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Most companies are struggling to determine a clear path to profitability, if not their actual survival. In the boom days, companies were able to succeed regardless on how inefficiently (both strategically and tactically) they were run. In today's economy that's not possible. Companies need to put their arms around a methodology to run efficiently.

Companies that are doing well have a great opportunity to acquire others at extremely reduced prices. While the acquisition is the easy part, the coupling of the two entities is not. Companies can use the Value Framework® to help determine the most effective ways to merge the two entities optimizing the business models and people in the combined entity.

The Value Framework® deals with the creation of value. It has proven itself successful by giving executives a tool toward better intuitive understanding of their business and in allowing them to choose the models that need to be deployed, managed, and evolved in creating value for the long-term. The systematic proliferation of the Value Framework® among the business units of a company will not only provide an outstanding tool for management to share the vision, but also allow the employees to effectively execute it.

Contact the Value Framework® Institute to get your 1-Day Strategy Tuneup. After our first meeting, we will create a 14-page PowerPoint presentation with a high-level overview of your company or business unit from the perspective of the Value Framework®. You will understand some of the business models you need to deploy and manage differently today and those you need to create and evolve to tomorrow. This is a great framework for merging companies, divisions or even departments. The 1-Day Strategy Tuneup is broken into 2 half-day sessions:

  1. 4 hours spent in 1 or 2 sessions going through a high-level set of questions on the company today, it's current business models, and evolution and direction moving forward. The 14-page analysis of the company is created from this first halt-day.
  2. 4 hours spent the next day sharing the results and brain-storming approaches and techniques to get there given your current environment.

Cost of the tuneup is $5,000 plus expenses.

Have us help your company choose the business models you should deploy today and tomorrow. Contact the Value Framework® Institute today by sending e-mail or calling us at 408-257-3000.



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